When will Wheelhaus re-open?

Wheelhaus is being converted to Cyclebar; a premier indoor cycling studio. The Cyclebar Grand Opening will be in January 2017. Please visit http://hoboken.cyclebar.com for more info.



What kinds of upgrades are going to take place?


It’s going to be a total renovation. New bikes, new sound system, new lighting, stadium seating, and more. It will be a whole new experience.



Why is this happening now? It’s a total bummer.


We understand that this might be a temporary inconvenience but we promise that the upgrades to the studio will be worth the wait.



What will happen to my unused classes’ after 12/31/15?


All unused Wheel classes will be converted to Cyclebar credits. The expiration on the unused classes will be extended to 12/31/17 so there will be plenty of time to use the classes.



I’m not really into Barre, what I am going to do until Wheel comes back?


Barre is an unbelievable workout that strengthens and lengthens your body while utilizing isometric contractions followed be stretching. We encourage those that are cyclists and runners alike to balance their routine by cross training at the barre. We can offer you a comp’d week to give it another shot. We also have great private training packages. Our Barretenders that lead private sessions can customize your program to fit any needs and aim to get you to your fitness goals.