Barre Basics from Amber our Lead Instructor

Meet Amber Hirsch, our lead instructor and choreographer here at Local Barre. Amber brings her extensive knowledge as an accomplished dancer, a NASM certified personal trainer, and a Pilates instructor to the Barre and we couldn’t be more proud of how she’s helped shape our classes. 

With each class and piece of choreography receiving Amber’s seal of approval before making it to the schedule, she was happy to shed some light on the most common three questions new clients ask:


1.    How long does it take to see results and what can I expect?

After the first class you’ll start to feel a deeper connection to your body. You’ll feel a little stronger, a little longer and you’ll begin to understand how to improve your posture. After your first 12-pack (or right about!) you can really start to see the change in your body in the form of lengthened, leaner muscles, increased muscle endurance and increased stamina.


Barre is not just a skinny girl’s class. We want girls to think not about being skinny but about being fit. The lean, beautiful body that is the signature of barre workouts is a really welcome side effect, but most of our clients are addicted to how the Local Barre program makes them feel fit, strong, and empowered.


2.    How often should I come to the barre?

A beginner barre student should generally do two to three open barre classes a week. Once they become more proficient, our clients can safely attend class just about every day and we encourage them to mix it up. The best results will be seen by taking an Open Barre Class two or three times a week and a specialty class the other days. Always remember to give your body at least one day each week to recover!


3.    What classes does Local Barre offer?

Clients should take a variety of classes to get a well-rounded workout.


·      Open BarreOur signature class is a fusion of ballet fundamentals, core conditioning, yoga and stretching for a total body. The props provided include lightly weighted balls, stretching straps, a ballet barre, playground balls, and a yoga mat to achieve a lean, flexible, youthful body. Socks with grips are required but don’t worry. If you don’t have them, you can purchase them here.

·      I Heart Barre I Heart Barre is our classic Open Barre class kicked up a notch. The faster pace is designed to get your blood pumping and provide greater endurance and interval training.

·      Sports BarreOur version of the boot camp, Sports Barre offers a mix of barre exercises, yoga, martial arts and core strengthening techniques. Be prepared for a challenging amount of plank runs, lunges, kicks and pulses often with weights.

·      Barre FusionBarre Fusion is a challenging combo of yoga and open barre where all the poses are done with hand weights.

·      Top ShelfWe consider this our advanced open barre and ask the client to have at least 10 open barre classes under their belt before attending one. Each class is different with the instructor determining whether to do more cardio or to focus on really spicing up the open barre. 


With the launch of Local Barre’s Wheelhaus Bikegarten studio just around the corner, we truly offer our clients a complete and well-rounded fitness program.


Check the schedule here for Amber’s classes at the studio most convenient for you. Email with any questions or comments. Hope to see you at the barre soon!